Steel Shot Cleaner for Carbon Steel Shot

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Discolored Carbon Steel Shot can discolor the jewelry you tumble in it. Gesswein Steel Shot Cleaner restores your shot to its original shiny luster.

Even if your shot has turned gray or black, in most cases Gesswein Steel Shot Cleaner can brighten it again. Keep a gallon on hand and use it at the first sign of discoloration.

Not recommended for use with Stainless Steel Shot (use Coca-Cola to clean stainless steel shot, see "Tech Tips" tab above.)

Sold in gallon containers.
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    Steel Shot Cleaner is specifically for carbon steel shot and will not work on stainless steel shot.

    To clean stainless steel shot, rinse it thoroughly and remove all jewelry or other parts. Pour Coca Cola to the level you would normally fill with water. (Use Coke only, do not dilute with water.) Tumble the shot in the Coke for 15 - 20 minutes. Pour out the Coke and rinse the shot thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

    Note: It's a good idea to allow the Coke to go flat before tumbling with it. Leave the can/bottle open overnight before using.