Freeman® Sol-U-Carv Wax

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A carvable wax that is water soluble, making it ideal for use in lost wax casting, especially in the making of cores, hollow beads, or other pieces that feature hollow areas.

Sold by the pound.

Sol-U-Carv is both a carve-able and soluble wax specifically formulated for the lost wax casting process. Ideal for making hollow beads, hollow pendants, dome rings, or any other configuration where a hollowed area in the finished pattern is desired.
  • Can be carved using conventional carving tools to form cores. Wax wires and casting wax sheets can be adapted around the core to achieve the desired design. The core can then be dissolved by immersing in water, leaving a hollow pattern.

  • Fast removal can be accomplished by immersion in a 5% to 10% solution of muriatic acid (available from hardware stores and most home supply stores).

  • Can be melted over a low flame or in a wax pot. Melting temperature: 165° - 170° F. (73.8° - 76.7° C.). The melted wax can be poured or injected into a prepared mold to form the desired shape.

  • Wax can be injected around the Sol-U-Carv wax placed in a metal or rubber mold to produce extremely intricate patterns.

Note: Sol-U-Carv wax should be kept in its plastic wrapping to maintain its best working characteristics. Should the wax ever become dry and difficult to carve, Sol-U-Carv may be made more carve-able by warming it in an oven at a maximum temperature of 80° F.

Manufactured in the USA.
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