Galloni Pressovac MAX

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Pressovac MAX incorporates state-of-the-art features for high-production casting of both platinum and gold with extremely fast cycle times: 2-3 minutes for gold and platinum.
  • Full vacuum casting chamber to radically enhance crucible life and to remove gases from the flask, minimizing or eliminating gas porosity.
  • After vacuuming, the casting chamber is flooded with inert gas to prevent oxidation of gold and platinum/cobalt alloys.
  • Medium-frequency induction melting with self-stirring effect for homogeneous melts.
  • Produces extremely dense castings.
  • Includes 1 crucible kit and flask cradle.
  • One-year  manufacturer's warranty.
  • CE approved.
Cast pieces have a very smooth surface, a very dense molecular structure and no defects such as improper filling, porosity or shrinkage.

Metal is inserted into the crucible and the flask positioned on the cradle inside the casting chamber. The casting cycle is fully automatic. The casting chamber is fully evacuated by vacuum before melting followed by helium gas supply to create an inert atmosphere. Helium gas has an excellent gas fluidity which provides a cleaning effect of the molten metal and mold and guarantees a smooth filling of metal even of the most intricate patterns.

When the casting temperature is attained, low frequency pulses are given to vibrate and mix the molten metal keeping it homogeneous.

Temperature is controlled by an optical pyrometer up to 2,100°C for platinum, steel and titanium and by an immersion type S thermocouple inside the graphite crucible up to 1,500°C for gold, silver and bronze.

At this stage, just by pushing a button, the whole crucible and flask system will automatically rotate through 90 degrees and the metal, poured in a homogenous and controlled way into the flask, is automatically pressurized to 3 bars by argon gas. This high and quick pressurization is indispensable to obtain a proper and homogeneous filling even at low metal flask temperatures for gold, silver and bronze alloys — and above all for platinum and special steels which have a very narrow melting interval thus a very quick solidification.

This results in a very smooth surface due to the effect of the vacuum and a dense well-compacted casting due to the overpressure of 3 bars which benefits both thick and thin sections.

Backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty. CE approved.

This is a non-stock item. Please allow an extra 4 weeks for delivery.

PDF: Galloni Comparison Chart

Specifications: Pressovac MAX
Power: 5kW
Max. Temperature: 3,812°F (2,100°C)
Max. Crucible
350g Platinum,
800g 18KY Gold,
500g Silver,
180g Palladium,
400g Steel
Max. Flask Size: 4" dia. x 5" high
Air Requirement: 85 PSI
2 liters/minute
Vacuum Requirement: 7CFM
Pump sold separately*
Inert Gas
Nitrogen, helium or argon
Electrical: 230V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 3 Phase
Dimensions: 26.8"W x 19.7"D x 47.2"H
Net Weight: 353 lbs.

* We recommend our 7CFM Vacuum Pump, sold separately (see "Related Products" below).
Pressovac MAX is outfitted at time of purchase with 1 Crucible Kit (crucible, crucible holding plate and carriage, induction coil, etc.) for platinum or gold or steel/palladium casting. Please specify when ordering. Additional Crucible Kits sold separately.
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