Slimline Box-Joint Diagonal Nippers with Wire Trap

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Feature spring-loaded handles with black plastic nonslip grips. Traps and holds wire end so it will not fly away. Light weight is easy on the hands. Made in Germany.

Semi-flush cut. Cuts up to 1.5mm diameter copper or annealed 14K gold wire. Measure 4-1/2" overall length. Jaw length: 1/2". Jaw width: 1/2".

There are 3 pliers and 3 nippers in the Slimline Series, listed below.

1. Chain-Nose Pliers
2. Flat-Nose Pliers
3. Round-Nose Pliers
4. Diagonal Nippers
5. Diagonal Nipper with Wire Trap (you are on this page)
6. Oblique Nippers #7293

prop 65  Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. -
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