Lindstrom® Lightweight Round-Nose Pliers #7590

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Lindstrom are top of the line pliers and nippers, the best you can get. Beautifully balanced, precision tools, Lindstrom pliers and nippers are a pleasure to use.

The Lightweight Series of Lindstrom pliers feature smooth, precision-ground jaws for gripping without marring and white plastic grips with double leaf springs. Made in Sweden.

#7590 are round-nose pliers with box joint for stability and perfectly round precision-ground jaws. Ideal for making loops, bends and coils. Jaws measure 3/4" long and taper to 1/32" at points.

Measure 4-3/4" overall length.

There are 4 pliers and 3 nippers in the Lindstrom Lightweight Series, listed below.

1. Chain-Nose Pliers #7893
2. Long Chain-Nose Pliers #7890
3. Flat-Nose Pliers #7490
4. Round-Nose Pliers #7590 (you are on this page)
5. Diagonal Nippers #7191
6. Oblique Nippers #7291
7. Relieved Oblique Nippers #7293
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