Nylon Jaw Pliers for Bracelet Bending

$4.15 - $20.95
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The Nylon Jaw Series of Pliers are made of heavy-duty stainless steel with box joints for stability and dark blue plastic comfort grips. These are powerful heavy-duty pliers designed for bending and forming.

Feature replaceable nylon jaws which grip firmly without marring. All nylon jaws can be easily customized by filing or carving.

Bracelet Bending Pliers have a gently arch for forming, shaping and reshaping bracelets.

There are 5 pliers in the Nylon Jaw Series, listed below.

Made in Pakistan

1. Flat-Nose Pliers
2. Ring Bending Pliers
3. Bracelet Bending Pliers (you are on this page)
4. Ring Closing Pliers
5. Ring Holding Pliers

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