Soap Powder for Carbon Steel Shot

$19.50 - $199.95
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Formulated for use with carbon steel shot in rotary tumblers, these powders are nonhazardous and lighter in weight than liquids, reducing shipping costs.

Compound #750 is designed to clean shot that has darkened due to oxidation. Contains a rust inhibitor that protects shot during storage.

Compound #910 is used during tumbling to keep shot clean and to brighten gold and silver jewelry. Recommended for use in a rotary tumbler, barrel tumbler or vibratory tumbler with flow-through system (premix powder in water for flow-through system). Mixing ratio: 2-3 oz. powder per gallon of water.

Both are available in 5 lb. and 50 lbs. packages.

Not recommended for stainless steel shot.
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