Secret Shop Weapons

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Jewelers Reveal Their Favorite Tools—and Why They Love Them

Technical Editors: Ann Cahoon & Chris Ploof

Every jeweler has a favorite tool. Now you can read about the favorites of more than thirty acclaimed designers and jewelers, in the new MJSA Press book, Secret Shop Weapons. This 160-page book features tools of every shape, size, and type, from the high-tech (lasers, CAD/CAM, laptops) to such traditional favorites as gravers, hammers, and a Rollerball pen (yes, a pen). More important, the jewelers describe why they love their "secret shop weapons"—how they use them and what unique advantages the tools provide.

The book also features step-by-step projects showing the tools in action, along with a password enabling readers to view exclusive online videos showing technical editors Chris Ploof and Ann Cahoon performing demonstrations. Add in the dozens of "Secret Shop Tips" peppered throughout, and this is a book that should be on every tool junkie’s list.

Paperback, 160 pages. 180 full-color photographs. Published June 2012.

Chapters:                      Gesswein Comments:
Why Belle Brooke Barer
Loves Her Mini-Burnisher   
This is a home made tool using old miniature steel mandrels, instructions included in chapter.
Why Jim Binnion Loves His Zeiss Binocular Loupes Save money without sacrificing quality: Eschenbach Binocular Loupes 4X
Why Michael Bondanza
Loves His CAD Program
Rhino 5.0 for Mac.
Why Ann Cahoon Loves Her Delrin Drawplates See Delrin Drawplates
Why Gary Dawson Loves His Homemade Setting Tools A home made tool.
Why John De Rosier Loves
His Parallel Locking Pliers
Available at most hardware stores.
Why Kathleen DiResta
Loves Her 3M Radial
Finishing Discs
See 3M Radial Finishing Discs.
Why Jason Dow Loves His Laser Welder A great but very expensive tool. The PUK04 Welder does almost everything a laser welder does at a fraction of the price.
Why Christopher Duquet
Loves His Rollerball Pen   
Available at Staples or other office supply stores.
Why Cynthia Eid Loves Her Microfold Brake
Why Geoffrey D. Giles Loves His Miter-Cutting Jig Also known as a Tube Cutter.
Why Brett Gober Loves His Split Lap An underutilized tool. Split Laps are great for polishing flat surfaces and angles.
Why Sarah Graham Loves
Her Stay Silv Brazing Flux
For blackened cobalt chrome jewelry.
Why Alishan Halebian Loves His Graver This pre-sharpened pre-shaped Graver Set is the ultimate in convenience.
Why Barbara Heinrich Loves Her Burnisher Burnishers are a must-have tool.
Why Charlie Herner Loves
His Super Ceramic Stone
Flat Polishing Set
Super Ceramic Stones are the most exciting advance in jewelry polishing technology!
Why Lisa Krikawa Loves Her Hydraulic Press Die
Why Lee Krombholz Loves
His GRS GraverMax
Gravermax, for engraving and setting without fatigue.
Why Blaine Lewis Loves His NSK Micromotor High-torque micromotors eliminate tool wobble for more precision. Try our Eco-Torque, a very popular low cost high-torque micromotor.
Why Eva Martin Loves Her IBM ThinkPad Available from Amazon or most computer stores.
Why Mark Maxwell Loves
His Graver
This pre-sharpened pre-shaped Graver Set is the ultimate in convenience.
Why Joel McFadden Loves
His Meiji Microscope
When an optivisor just isn't enough, the Meiji Microscope.
Why Michelle Pajak-Reynolds Loves Her Lindstrom RX Pliers and Cutter Set
Why Chris Ploof Loves His Miniature Stakes Fretz Stakes are ideal for creating bezels and hollow jewelry.
Why Todd Reed Loves His Lathe A Lathe performs many functions including making parts, stock, tools and master models.
Why Alan Revere Loves His Digital Slide Caliper Because precision matters.
Why Corrie Silvia Loves Her Chasing and Repoussé Tools See Chasing Tools.
Why Arthur Skuratowicz
Loves His Jeweler’s Saw   
Basic or Advanced.
Why Michael David Sturlin Loves His Goldsmith’s Hammer Goldsmith's Hammer - simply indispensable!
Why Patricia Tschetter Loves Her Spiculum Hammers and Block
Why Wendy Yothers Loves Her Raising and Planishing Hammers If you're a silversmith, you know how important a good hammer is - Fretz Raising Hammers and Fretz Planishing Hammers
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