All Cast Fast-Setting Investment

$21.95 - $230.00
Total ---
A Micro-Fine Grain, "Carbon-Free" Investment
for Producing Ultra-Smooth Castings

All Cast is a super-fine phosphate-bound, cristobalite investment ideal for use with precious, semi-precious and non-precious C & B alloys. Meticulously formulated compound provides the caster with a wide range of burnout temperatures. SETS IN JUST 20 MINUTES!

Smooth . . . Accurate . . . Strong . . . Reliable . . .
                                                          . . . that's ALL CAST Investment.

Available in kits of 25 lb. and 50 lb. boxes that include liquid binder. Replacement powder and binder also sold separately. This investment requires the use of paper liners, see related products.  Made in USA.

For best results, use with All Cast White Pre-Coat to enhance the sharpness and detail of your castings.

Working Time: 7-8 minutes
P to L Consistency: 100 gm : 25 cc
Setting Expansion: 0.6%
Thermal Expansion: 1.4%
Burnout Range: 1300° - 1800° F.
(704° - 982° C.)

WARNING: This Product Contains Free Silica.

Inhalation of dust may be harmful to your health and excessive inhalation will increase the risk of serious respiratory disease (silicosis). Take appropriate protective measures to avoid breathing dust. Immediate clean-up of spills is highly recommended.
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