GRS® Dual Angle Sharpening Fixture

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Use this sharpening fixture with the GRS Power Hone* for accurate and precise tools that last longer and provide a better cutting tool.

Holds gravers with or without handles and those in QC Holders for precise sharpening. Features two large, easy-to-read degree dials for setting both elevation and rotation angles. Available with stand or without stand (head only).
  • Front end features an accurate and secure locating seat for gravers and a wide variety of tools.

  • With two degree dials, you can set the elevation and rotation angle.

  • The vertical locating post and mating slide collar are made from precision ground stainless steel.

  • Shipping weight is approximately 2.05 lbs. (0.9299 kg)

* This item is included with the GRS Power Hone Complete System. (Not included with the Basic System.)
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