Castaldo® SuperStretch™ Mold Rubber

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New SuperStretch™ offers fantastic tear strength that allows mold makers the ability to make standard two-part molds of designs that formerly required complicated multi-piece molds with difficult cores and inserts.

SuperStretch stretches 900% before breaking!

Like all Castaldo silicone jewelry molding rubber compounds, new SuperStretch™ is easy to pack, easy to cut and requires no silicone mold release sprays. And the shine is fantastic! Waxes come out with a glossy high shine finish, meaning castings will require less finishing.

Rubber shrinkage is very low ? only 1.3%.

New SuperStretch™ is compatible with other Castaldo silicone rubber compounds so that it can be used alone or as an insert for special projects.

Sold in 5 lb. box of strips. Each strip measures 2-7/8" wide x 18" long.
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