Practical Goldsmith #11: Colorit Techniques & Design

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One of Europe's leading trade journals, GZ is particularly well known for its "Practical" series of books and articles on working with gold, silver, and platinum.

Colorit Techniques & Design is the 11th in the series featuring Colorit application and techniques presented in a series of clear illustrations and informative texts. Convenient, practical instructions which explain complex operations through easy to follow individual steps.

Softcover, 80 pages with hundreds of photos detailing every step in every process.

Inside the book:
Colorit Design, color options
      Heightening the color of the jewelry
      More color to jewelry designs
      Color circle
      Combined and diminished colors without complications
      Transparent jewelery design
      The Colorit Power System

Tips and new techniques
      New Tools
      Silicon molding compound "Betacon 5"
      The use of ultra-sound
      Gravers and polishing tools
      Equipment and processes
      Treatment of surfaces
      Impressive metal surfaces
      Fine matte surfaces

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