Gesswein® Mounted Stone Sample Set, 1/8" Shanks

$20.25 SDS
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Order our sample set of stones available on 1/8" shanks to see which type best fits your application. Set consists of B and W shapes in Red, Purple, Pink, Blue and Light Blue.

Color Hardness Grit Bond Abrasive Best For: Benefits
Blue Hard 120 Porcelain Semi-Friable Aluminum Oxide Hardened Steels Holds its shapes extremely well
Purple Hard-Sharp Cut 80/100/
Vitrified Sol-Gel Ceramic Grain & Pink Aluminum Oxide High Nickel,
Exotic Alloys
Fast cutting, cool running even on high nickel & other alloys
Light Blue Medium Sharp Cut 120 Vitrified Sol-Gel Ceramic Grain & White Aluminum Oxide High Carbon,
Stainless Steel,
Non-Ferrous Alloys
Long lasting and cuts well
Red Medium 60/80/
Clay Friable Aluminum Oxide Medium & Hardened Steels Fast cutting and non-loading properties
Pink Medium 80/100/
Pink Aluminum Oxide Alloyed with Chrome Tool Steel,
High Speed Steels
Sharp, cool cutting action for harder steels
White Soft 400 Vitrified Fine White Aluminum Oxide Glass,
Produces a fine finish

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