Gesswein® Mounted Stone Sample Set

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Gesswein Ruby Rough Out Stones are Proudly Made in the USA Order our sample set of 10 stones available on either 3mm or 1/8" shanks to see which type best fits your application. Set consists of B52 and W163 shapes in Red, Purple, Pink, Blue and Light Blue. Shipping weight 0.28 lbs. Made in USA.

Color Hardness Grit Bond Abrasive Best For: Benefits
Blue Hard 120 Porcelain Semi-Friable Aluminum Oxide Hardened Steels Holds its shapes extremely well
Purple Hard-Sharp Cut 80/100/
Vitrified Sol-Gel Ceramic Grain & Pink Aluminum Oxide High Nickel,
Exotic Alloys
Fast cutting, cool running even on high nickel & other alloys
Light Blue Medium Sharp Cut 120 Vitrified Sol-Gel Ceramic Grain & White Aluminum Oxide High Carbon,
Stainless Steel,
Non-Ferrous Alloys
Long lasting and cuts well
Red Medium 60/80/
Clay Friable Aluminum Oxide Medium & Hardened Steels Fast cutting and non-loading properties
Pink Medium 80/100/
Pink Aluminum Oxide Alloyed with Chrome Tool Steel,
High Speed Steels
Sharp, cool cutting action for harder steels

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