Supra® Swiss High-Precision Cutting Tweezer #15

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Cutting tweezer for soft copper, gold, silver and magnetic wires. Cutting capacity for copper, yellow gold, white gold and silver is 0.10-0.25mm. Cutting capacity for magnetic wires is 0.10-0.12mm.

Handcrafted to perfect tip symmetry and balance, polished edges, superior no-scratch/anti-glare satin finish. Many styles and materials are available for the special needs of industry, jewelers, watchmakers, electronic and medical device manufacturers.

Made of Carbon Steel, our cutting tweezers retains sharpness with these heat treated blades. Used in Electronics, Jewelry and Watchmaking.

Made in Switzerland.

Style Material Length Jaw Width
15A.C Carbon Steel 120mm (4-3/4") 12mm

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