Gesswein® Supra Swiss Pliers, Kit of 5 Pliers

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If Supra® Pliers & Cutters are not the
best quality and most comfortable that
you have ever used—return within
30 days for a full refund.

Made of high quality ball bearing steel, hardened to 45 Rockwell feature a superior no-scratch / anti-glare satin finish. Lap joint with fine pitched screw for perfect joint adjustment and symmetry, and stainless steel dual leaf springs.
  • 2-component ESD safe user friendly Ergonomic Handles have a wide, soft, comfortable gripping surface – the latest advancement for ease of use.
  • Rounded handle for more comfort, correct shape definition for perfect thumb contact and control.
  • Easier pickup from table due to biscuit form.
  • Made in Switzerland.
This money-saving kit includes a convenient roll-up pouch containing all 5 Gesswein Supra Swiss Pliers: (Flat-Nose, Long Flat-Nose, Chain-Nose, Long Chain-Nose, and Round-Nose).
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