Durston Cupola Sets

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Used for forming large spherical shapes. Durston Cupola Sets are made for the professional jeweler who demands the best! All pieces are hardened, ground and highly polished for perfect results.

Choose between the four sets: Small (50mm & 57mm), Medium (64mm & 71mm), Large (78mm & 85mm) and the Complete Set, which incorporates all size punches.

Each set comes complete with the dapping punch and the matching double-sided die and presented in a unique plastic carrying case. Made in UK.

Set Components Shipping
Small 50 & 57mm   9 lbs.
Medium 64 and 71mm 10 lbs.
Large 78 and 85mm 16 lbs.
Deluxe All 6 punches and 3 dies 32 lbs.

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