Inside Ring Engraver

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  Optional Connecting Script Dial (821-6218) is currently on indefinite delivery.
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Our easy-to-use Inside Ring Engraver allows you to personalize your customer’s purchase on the spot.

Offers bright, legible markings to make every ring a memorable possession. Includes one reversible block type dial and complete instructions.

Optional Connecting Block (821-6216) and Script dials (821-6218), (Script dial  is currently on indefinite delivery) are sold separately increasing the machine's versatility and allowing you to close the sale for many different customers. Made in India.
  • Includes 1 reversible Block Type dial.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Reversible dials.
  • Diamond tip.
  • Pressure and depth regulation.
  • Automatic X and Y centering.
  • Auto indexing.
  • Replacement diamond engraving tip available.
  • 275