ProZoom™ 4.5 Stereo-Zoom Binocular Microscope System

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O.C. White Co

Offers the performance and durability required for your most demanding inspection needs. Crystal-clear optics, combined with ultra-bright LED illumination, gives the same performance of much more expensive microscope systems and making the ProZoom™ a favorite across many industrial applications.

The 10" x 10" robustly built double-ball bearing base/arm assembly makes using the ProZoom™ effortless, maintaining pinpoint accuracy when locked in. Features an eye tube inclination of 45°, while the main body rotates 360° in holder. Also has a dimmable, ultra bright, LED ring light. ESD safe,120~240v, 50/60Hz.

Shipping Weight: 65 lbs.

(Also available in a Digital Trinocular System — a true trinocular design because you maintain full functionality of both eyepieces when using the video port.)
Standard Magnification Range: 3.5X - 45X
Standard 10X Eyepiece: 22mm
Objective Lens: 0.5X
Standard Lens Working Distance: 90mm
Objective Lens Working Distance: 160mm
Eyepiece Adjustments: 5 Diopter
Total Maximum Magnification
with optional accessories:
Field of View - Diameter: 28.6 - 4.8
Warranty: 5 year Mechanical

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