BH-60 Motor Adapter for Marathon Handy 700

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This easy-to-use motor adapter connects PH3 head attachments to the BH-60 Handpiece (included in the Marathon Handy 700 micromotor system).

Simply remove the BH-60 handpiece head and attach the adapter to the motor to increase the versatility of your Handy 700. Handpiece motor also sold separately on Marathon Handy 700 page.

Made in South Korea.

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    The BH-60 handpiece consists of 2 parts: a motor and a head with integrated quick-disconnect fitting to hold heads securely and make head changes fast. Optional PH3 Heads are available so you can create your own custom handpieces to suit your individual requirements.

    Optional PH3 Handpiece Heads
    Mini-Filer Head Reciprocating
    12,000 strokes/min.
    SZX Swing Head Side-to-Side Reciprocating
    8,000 strokes/min.
    Angle Heads 90° & 120° Rotary
    Max. 15,000rpm
    Micro Angle Head Long Reach 90° Rotary
    Max. 15,000rpm
    Heavy-Duty Head Rotary for 1/4" Shanks
    Max. 30,000rpm
    Slender Head Long Reach Rotary
    Max. 55,000rpm