PH3 SZX Side-to-Side Profiler

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Provides unique side-to-side reciprocating action with adjustable stroke (up to 133 strokes per second). Length of stroke ranges from 0 – 1.6mm (increases with tool length).

Perfect for polishing base areas in deep cavities, corners and deep slots. Helps eliminate rounding of sharp corners. Prevents bottoming out in blind holes.

Special V-shaped chucking system firmly secures 1.5 to 5mm (3/16") diameter tools.

Measures 6-1/2" overall length. Weight 13 ounces. Backed by a limited warranty that covers wear parts for 90 day and overall balance of parts for 6 months. Made in Japan.

Sold individually or as a set with Power Hand 3 Controller 510-3300.

Safety Recommendations for SZX Profilers
Prolonged use of vibrating or reciprocating tools may result in vibration-induced circulation problems in the hands. Always follow safe operating procedures. Using hand protection (i.e., insulated gloves) and taking frequent breaks can help minimize but not guarantee against injury. Operating these types of tools in cold weather or with a tight grip will reduce the period of operation before risking potential injury. Individuals with a tendency to suffer from poor circulation, frequently cold fingers or itchy hands should closely monitor the condition of their hands. If symptoms appear, seek medical advice immediately.

Instruction Manual

PDF Download: PH3_Controller
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