Gesswein® Purple Mounted Stone Sets - 48 pcs

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Gesswein Ruby Rough Out Stones are Proudly Made in the USA

Gesswein Purple Mounted Stones are available in a money-saving set of 48 pieces. Available on either 1/8" or 3mm shanks. This assortment is made from our most popular shapes and offers a stone for almost every application.  Set includes six each of 8 popular shapes, B44, B52, B53, B122, B123, W145, W163, and W176, conveniently packaged in a box to hold all 48 stones. Shipping weight: 0.5 lbs. Made in USA.


  • Increased Material Removal: Reduced cycle time and more cycles per dress.
  • Cooler Running: Newly exposed surfaces are sharp, not dull, so less surface area is in contact with the work-piece. Creates considerably less heat and less risk for work-piece damage.
  • Holds Shape Longer: Includes a platelet component that helps hold the micro-grains in place longer than conventional grains or other sol-gel ceramic grains.
  • Continuous Cutting: The newly exposed surfaces have very sharp edges allowing efficient grinding.
  • Less Force Necessary: To get the same rate of material removal as other grains, significantly less force is needed, thus increasing life of equipment and abrasive.
  • Longer Abrasive life allows the grain to cut longer.
  • Less Loading: The sharp surfaces continue to cut or break away as needed before any loading can occur.
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    Warning This product can expose you to chemicals including Silica, crystalline (airborne particles of respirable size), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to