Supra ME Nylon End Brushes with 500 Grit Silicon Carbide

$39.70 - $53.00
1 - 11
12 +
Priced per dozen.
Total ---
Nylon End Brushes consist of 0.018" strands of 500 grit silicon carbide.One-piece ferrule construction ensures that the stem and ferrule will not become separated during use. Plastic ferrules prevent scratching when used for interior polishing work.

Maximum operating speed: 15,000rpm.

Priced and sold by the dozen. Made in USA.

Style Bristle
Ferrule Ferrule
859P Nylon 1/4" Plastic 3/16" 1/8"
862P Nylon 3/8" Plastic 1/4" 1/8"
859NP Nylon 1/4" Plastic 3/16" 3mm

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