Power Hand® 3 + FMR Mini-Filer System

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This Micro Filing System combines the most advanced Power Hand 3 Controller with the FMR Mini-Filer and our new M-08X micromotor (1,000-8,000rpm). It gives improved control and flexibility for filing, deburring and polishing. Available two ways:
  • Mini Filer with 0.5mm stroke length, M-08X micromotor, Power Hand 3 Controller and 3 Ceramic Stones.
  • Mini Filer with 1.0mm stroke length, M-08X micromotor, Power Hand 3 Controller and 3 Ceramic Stones.
The convenient dial speed control on the Power Hand 3 Controller will set reciprocations to 5,000 to 8,000 strokes per minute and a digital readout shows percentage of speed. A built-in micro computer enables smooth operation and automatic torque control. Load indicator shows when too much force is applied. The self-diagnostic function checks operating conditions and activates a cooling fan if ever needed. Controller accepts two handpieces. Forward/reverse switch. Measures 7-1/8" x 7-1/8" x 4-1/8"H, 110V (220V available).

An optional variable speed foot rheostat VC-90 is sold separately (listed in drop-down menu below).

The Power Hand 3 Controller accepts our full range of Power Hand 3 Handpieces as well as our standard types.

Three NSS Ceramic Stones, Round, 3mm x 50mm, 800, 1000 and 1200 grits included.

Safety Recommendations For FPS and FPC Di-Profilers, FMR Mini Filers and Micromotor Drive Di-Profilers
Prolonged use of vibrating or reciprocating tools may result in vibration-induced circulation problems in the hands. Always follow safe operating procedures. Using hand protection (i.e., insulated gloves) and taking frequent breaks can help minimize but not guarantee against injury. Operating these types of tools in cold weather or with a tight grip will reduce the period of operation before risking potential injury. Individuals with a tendency to suffer from poor circulation, frequently cold fingers or itchy hands should closely monitor the condition of their hands. If symptoms appear, seek medical advice immediately.

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