Quatro Double Heavy Duty Hood

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The 38-1/2" wide-body hood allows for more room to work in addition to providing a containment area for dust and grindings. The LED lighted interior provides a bright, clear view of your work.

Attach your dust collector to 3" ports in the bottom or in the back of the unit. The standard inlet ports can allow you to hook up a hose to the back and the bottom for additional capture of your precious metals. Pre-drilled to accommodate the Quatro Double-Spindle Cool Blue Polishing Motor.

Constructed of heavy gauge metal and finished in a white powder coating the hood is designed for optimum capture of your dust and grindings and built with safety and durability in mind.

Available with or without a base.

Style Dimensions Shipping
Hood with Base 38-1/2" wide x 19" deep x 15" high 58 lbs.
Hood without Base 38-1/2" wide x 17" deep x 14-1/2" high 40 lbs.

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