Orange Wax Injector w/ Pump

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Precise, consistent pressure produces perfect repeatable patterns. You are in control of all the variables, temperature of wax in the reservoir and at the nozzle; air pressure, mold holding pressure and vacuum time so your patterns are perfect. Uses standard size rubber molds, approx. 2" x 1.2" and easily handles off-center molds with their patented process, decreasing operator training time. Rejects are reduced considerably

  • Injects quickly and easily saving process time
  • Automatically injects the mold accurately producing perfect wax patterns
  • Consistent pattern weight
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    Power: 120V
    Max Air Pressure: 30PSI
    Temperature Range: 40° - 90°C (103° - 211°F)
    Wax Capacity 6 lbs. (2.7kg)
    Vacuum: High Vacuum 27 in HG or Higher
    Overall Dimensions (cm): 80"W x 60"D x 55"H
    Net/Shipping Weight: 110/216 lbs. (50/98kg)
    Rubber Molds: 2" x 1.2" x 0.3"