Quatro PGR ISO Flow Dust Collector

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The PGR series of Dust Collectors from Quatro stands for Quality! The name PGR stands for what needs to be done in jewelry manufacturing…Polishing, Grinding and Recovery and boasts superior suction in a compact design. Made to fit under/next to most benches the PGR series is supplied in Three (3) unique models to fit all your dust collection needs. The PGR “Iso-Flow” (854-1475) isolates your metals in two separate bags allowing you to keep them separate for the refiner. The PGR “Mixed-Flow” (854-1478, see related items) allows you to maximize your filter bag usage where the two-station inlets go into three filter bags. The PGR “Super-Flow” (854-1479, see related items) is the ultimate model in the series giving you the best suction power and utilizes a variable speed motor to control the suction. The premium brushless motor delivers more airflow and suction. Utilizes an intuitive control pane for running your PGR “Super-Flow” and its intelligent controls tell you when to change the filters! Whether you are polishing or grinding, there is a PGR to suit any application! Made in Canada.

  • Precious metals are captured/contained in high-capacity, sealable filter bags for maximum return on refining (854-2189)
  • Lockable filter door ensures precious metals are safe
  • HEPA Filter (854-2079), 99.97% efficiency on submicron particles
  • Brushless motors, ideal for continuous usage
  • Quiet operation (59 dBA)
  • Foot-pedal included for convenient Start-Stop
  • Optional casters available for optimal mobility (854-1473)
PGR "ISO-Flow"  PGR "Mixed-Flow" PGR "Super-Flow" 
Gesswein Item Number: 854-1475 854-1478 854-1479
Electrical: 120V, 10A, 60Hz 120V, 10A, 60Hz 120V, 10A, 60Hz
CFM: 350 400 450
Decibels: 59dBA 59dBA 59dBA
Overall Dimensions: 
(WxDxH) Inches/ cm
22 x 14 x 26 
(56 x 35.6 x 66)
22 x 14 x 32 
(56 x 35.6 x 81)
22 x 14 x 32
(56 x 35.6 x 81)
Net Weight: (lbs./kg) 106  / 48 126 / 57 126  / 57
Suction Motor: 1/2 HP 1/2 HP 1-1/2 HP
Note: All PGR units can now ship UPS/FedEx.
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