High Output LED Machine Light Made in USA by O. C. White Company

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O.C. White Co

The Green-Lite® High Intensity LED Linear Machine Light represents the pinnacle of American made quality, sleek design, and outstanding performance. The solid die-cast aluminum body construction is for more than just show! It is an integral feature of this light, acting as the heat sink for the LED arrays. This light also features tempered safety glass and a slim, nickel plated bezel. It is engineered to withstand even the harshest conditions. Unlike the plastic and thin-walled extrusions our competitors use, this light is made to last a lifetime. This light can be used on virtually any mill, lathe, grinder, or a variety of other machines in service across the world. You decide between 24VDC (from the machine) or one of our 100-240V (50/60Hz) worldwide approved transformers. Green-LiteTM Linear LED fixtures have twice the light output from the same wattage compared to our competition, and far exceeds the old style fluorescent lights. The specialized design of the Green-LiteTM High Intensity Linear LED Machine Light allows for up to (3) lighting fixtures to be run from a single power point. This drastically reduces wire clutter and affords a much faster installation.

Features • Adjustable to any angle • Integrated magnets in feet for quick install as well as permanent mounts • Die case aluminum body with tempered safety glass • Ability to daisy-chain up to (3) lights from single power source • “Patent Pending” Thermal Dimming Controls

Specifications IP67 Waterproof/Oil Proof Dimensions: 19" W x 2.5" H x 3.38" D Electrical: 24VDC or 100-240V, 38W/1.6A 5 year/50,000 Hour Pro-rated Mechanical Warranty.  Made in USA by the O. C. White Company
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