Duratex Brown Buffs

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Use for cutting and polishing all types of metal and acrylic. Silicon coated on one side, the cotton material does not give off lint and holds compound much longer than normal buffs. This significant improvement means faster polishing while using less compound. Duratex is extremely long lasting resulting in much lower buff usage. Made in Germany.

Two types are available:

Brown – for harder metals like Titanium, Platinum, White Gold, Steel, Cobalt, etc. Use the firm Brown Duratex for cutting and polishing. Supplied in 4” x 1/2" and 5” x 1/2" Buffs (1/4" arbor hole) with 15 ply.  The 5" also available in 30 ply. 

White – for softer metals like Yellow Gold, Silver, Brass. Use the White Duratex for both cutting and polishing. Supplied in 4” x 12" and 5” x 1/2" with 20 ply. The 5" x 1/2" is also available with 30 ply.  (See related products for these items).
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