Rapid Prototype Finishing Kit

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Models produced on 3D printers may have smooth surfaces but they are not highly polished. By giving them a mirror finish before casting or mold making the end product will require much less finishing. Thus, the manufacturing consistency and surface quality will be greatly improved.

Polish your models in 3 easy steps!
  1. Use the Scotch-Brush with Supra Pumice Paste to remove the fine build lines on the model.
  2. The Duratex White Buff used with Supra Polishing Creme produces a very fine and smooth surface.
  3. A soft loose Muslin Buff used with Platinum Pink Compound leaves a mirror bright finish.
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    Description Item#
    Scotch-Brush Wheel Buff & Brush, 3" 114-5199
    Loose White
    Muslin Buff
    4" x 50 Ply, Thread - 80x80 140-4350
    White Buffs
    4" x 1/2", 20 Ply 142-5420
    Platinum Pink
    For highly reflective surface, 147g. 215-1786
    Pumice Paste
    Mild cutting action, 80g. 218-2045
    Polishing Creme
    Ultra High Finishing, 50g 218-2240