Handy Portable Wax Pen

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Whether you are a hobbyist, artisan or a jewelry manufacturer/retailer, the New Handy Wax Pen is the perfect tool for the bench or someone on the go. Small in size but mighty in power, the Handy Wax Pen is a must to have for the beginner to the advanced wax worker. Comfortable to hold and maneuver, the Handy Wax Pen is consistent in temperature (266-284F/130-140C) and preheats in just two minutes! Comes complete with one tapered tip that makes it ideal for wax carving, smoothing, shaping, creating textures and buildups and spruing wax pieces for casting. When not in use, wax pen can rest on a handy metal stand for optimal safety. Small and economical, the Handy Wax Pen is a tool every bench jeweler will want!
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