Primo™ Optical Setting Glasses

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The last optical setting glasses you'll ever need.

The next generation in Optics has arrived! These high quality but economical setting glasses by Primo appeal to the setter at the bench while delivering high quality optics and durability for years to come. Both eyepieces come mounted on a sporty classic eyeglass frame that also gives an extra level of safety when working with various power tools at the bench. Optics are available in different working distances and fields of view. Ideal for the everyday bench worker needing extra close-up optics or the hobbyist/artisan performing a myriad of tasks around the house or workshop. Comes supplied in Handy Carry Case with Polishing Cloth to clean the Optics and convenient cord to hold your optic glasses around your neck while working. Made in China.
Item#     Magnification Working Distance Field View Weight Without Frame
272-3230 2.0X-XS 8" - 12" 3.5" 42 Grams
272-3231 2.5X-XS 11" - 15" 3.75" 42 Grams
272-3232 3.0X-S 11" - 15" 2.75" 46 Grams
272-3233 3.5X-S 11" - 15" 2.2" 47 Grams
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