Jentner Cold Color Gold Baths – 1 Liter

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Delivered ready to use and allows easy to handle operation at room temperature. 1g Au/1 liter.

These cold color gold baths deposit decorative gold layers in a 0.1- 0.2 micron layer thickness. The gold electrolyte contains no free cyanide and therefore it can be deposited over a long period with a constant color. These cold color gold baths work at room temperature so there is no heating element needed. Can use with Jentner Digital II (212-0960)  and Digital V (212-0965) Compact Electroplating Systems and the Jentner RMGO Plating Kits (210-0019). See related products. 

  • Gold content: 1g Au/liter
  • Tension: 3 Volt
  • Bath temperature: 20-25°C
  • Exposition time: 10-30 sec.


Gold Bath examples


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