CBN Pins, "B" Series

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In diameters from 0.02" to 0.035", these CBN Pins can access those really hard-to-reach spots. When heat distortion is an important factor, CBN is the wise choice because it runs cooler than diamond.

Our CBN pins are recommended for use on high carbon, high chrome, high speed steels, such as: M2, M3, M7 and T15; die steels, such as: D2, D3, HB, A & O; alloy steels (harder than 50Rc); nickel and cobalt base super alloys; titanium and stainless steels. The cutting edges will last longer, resist breakdown better, produce more ground parts per hour, and improve the quality of the finished product. Overall costs are reduced.

All "B" Series Pins measure 1-3/8" long overall on 1/8" shanks.

(For carbides and extremely hard steels and ceramics, we recommend our Diamond Pins, see "Related Products" below.)

Style# Diameter
Length (B)
Length (C)
B-20 0.02" 1/16" 1/8" 140/170
B-25 0.025" 3/32" 1/4" 140/170
B-30 0.03" 3/32" 1/4" 140/170
B-35 0.035" 3/32" 1/4" 140/170

Maximum RPMs are based on 1/2" overhang.

Diameter Max. RPMs
0.020" - 0.200" 60,000 to 120,000
0.200" - 0.500" 45,000 to 60,000
0.500" - 1.00" 30,000 to 45,000
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