Mic-Fi Digital Microscopes

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Perfect for inspection, repair, and appraisal documentation!

Mic-Fi is a line of versatile, portable, and digital microscopes with Wi-Fi transmission. Every device can be connected to iOS and Android smartphones or tablets through the specific Mic-Fi App, as well as through a Wi-Fi/USB connection to Windows and Mac computers or laptops. Using Mic-Fi dedicated software you can capture pictures, shoot videos, and take measurements. This is the state-of-the-art way to observe the microworld!

Fields of application
  • Industrial inspection
  • Electronic & mechanical quality control
  • Education
  • Research & scientific analysis
  • Collectibles
  • Jewelry & watchmaking

MICFIP white LED’s/lights + Polarizer
Best selling model. The option of polarizing the light plays a huge role by decreasing glare effects on plastic, metals and precious stones. With the polarizer, you get a darker image that’s more saturated, increases the contrast effect, and gives a sharper image. The best choice for professionals! It is like using a smartphone that has no data connection. Polarizing the light helps the user to increase and maximize the vision quality in every case and not necessarily only when polarization is absolutely needed.

MICFISTD white LED’s/lights

This is the standard/basic model for multi-purpose applications. It allows you to see the natural and visible spectrum of light. For specific substances, white lights are not enough to see objects and surfaces or their structure in a proper way. This is normally due to the fact their structure can reflect the light giving a glare effect. So other kinds of illumination are needed.
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    Specifications: MICFIP MICFISTD
    Resolution photo & video: 1.3Mpixel - 1280x1024, 640x480, 320x240 1.3Mpixel - 1280x1024, 640x480, 320x240
    Frame Rate: 15fps(1280x1024), 30fps(640x480), 320x240 15fps(1280x1024), 30fps(640x480), 320x240
    Magnication: 5x~200x 5x~200x
    Object distance: 8~150mm 8~200mm
    Focus Range: 8mm: ~ 150mm 8mm: ~ 200mm
    Light Source: 8 adjustable white LED 8 adjustable white LED
    Dimensions & Weight: 36mm(Diameter) x 142mm(Length), 88g
    1.42in(Diameter) x 5.59in(Length), 3.1oz
    36mm(Diameter) x 142mm(Length), 88g
    1.42in(Diameter) x 5.59in(Length), 3.1oz
    Electrical: 110~220V 110~220V
    Warranty: 1 Year 1 Year