GRS® Leica® Scope System

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Trusted by jewelers for years; GRS, the world leader in Engraving and Setting equipment, is now offering a Leica Microscope head on their newly redesigned Acrobat stand. Leica has been a well-respected industry wide name for decades, known for quality and pristine optics. Leica microscopes provide a high-resolution view of hand engraving, stone setting and jewelry repairs and tasks. Leica FusionOptics™ provides a greater depth of field for the best optical experience possible.  Leica has a one-year warranty. 

The new Acrobat Versa stand has been designed with a sleek stylish new look, specifically for the popular Leica A60 Microscope. It features a rigid frame that makes positioning your work easy, a magnetic document holder, along with ergonomic handles for making the movement effortless and care free.

Complete Package Includes:
  • Leica A60 Microscope W/10X Fixed Eyepieces/0.63 Objective Lens
  • GRS Acrobat Versa Stand
  • Dual Voltage Dimmable LED Optia™ LED Light
  • GRS Headrest

If you already have the older style Acrobat Stand from GRS, but you want to have the Leica optics, you can replace your existing scope with the Leica Scope by purchasing our Leica Scope Head and Adapter package (271-3063).

  • Comes Supplied with 0.63 Objective Lens
  • 6” Working Distance
  • 6:1 Zoom Ratio
  • 3X-19X Zoom Range
  • Comes Supplied with (2) 10X Fixed Eyepieces
  • Headrest for Comfort
  • Dual Voltage Dimmable LED Ring Light
  • Dust Cover
  • 349
  • 995