R&R® Plasticast PT Investment (50 LB)

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Plasticast PT Investment and Binder is a new water-based two-part system for Casting Rapid Prototype Pattern Materials and high temperature alloys like Platinum. Ideally suited for the investing and burnout of commonly used plastic or wax/plastic pattern materials. The high expansion of these pattern materials requires an equally high expanding, extra strength investment. The Plasticast PT investment and binder system provides jewelry casters with a mold material that meets those demands while maintaining mold surface and dimensional integrity for high temperature metal casting. Plasticast PT benefits casters over traditional two-part platinum investments; eliminates the acid-based binder hazard associated with common two-part platinum investments and also eliminates special investing flask preparation requirements. Working time is less than 5 minutes and setting time is typically between 6-11 minutes. Drop ship item.
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