Elmasteam Steam Cleaner

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The Elmasteam is available either with fixed nozzle or flexible hand piece (with over 4 feet, 1.3m hose). 

  1. Fixed Nozzle: enables working with both hands (with Steam Tweezers).  Ideal for cleaning long chains where two hands are necessary to hold or regular jewelry cleaning.
  2. Flexible Hand Piece: Use your steam tweezers to hold your jewelry in one hand while using the powerful steam gun in your other hand, efficiently cleaning all around your jewelry, loosening dirt, hand cream and polishing compounds.  Ideal also for rings with set stones.

Both versions feature:

  • Professional 4.5 bar steam pressure with long steam availability due to high heat output. 30 Minute Heat-Up Time.
  • High reliability and long service life
  • Quality Elma products with a 3-Year manufacturer's warranty
  • Compact Design, space saving for the table top or comes with ability to mount on the wall
  • Two Chamber Design separates the water carrying system from the electrical system/components.  The electrical area is protected against any leaks in the water carrying system thus reduces the risk of machine failure.

 The steam melts and removes easily hardened fats, oils or waxes from the parts. Selected and tested materials ensure a long service life of the tank. The sophisticated 2-chamber design separates the water-containing from the electrical system and thus increases the quality and reliability of the equipment.

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  • NEW
    Elmasteam Basic
    Elmasteam Basic W/ HP
    Voltage 110-115V 110-115V
    Frequency (Hz) 60 60
    Max. power consumption (W) 2000 2000
    Pressure tank volume 1 Gallon 1 Gallon
    Max. filling volume 3.5 Quarts 3.5 Quarts
    Operating PSI 65 65
    Steam temperature in tank (°C/F) 155/310 155/310
    Steam temperature at nozzle (°C/F) 135/275 135/275
    Dimensions W/D/H 9.8X12.5X16.5”  11.4X12.5X16.5”* 
    Length fixed nozzle 5.5”  
    Case material PC/ABS PC/ABS
    Weight empty 14.8 Lbs 14.8 Lbs
    *dimensions with flexible hand piece