Dumore Series 6 Low Speed

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High torque flexible shaft system. Use with 1⁄8" or 1⁄4" mounted tools for heavy grinding, finishing, and high polishing. The 1/4 HP motor can withstand heavy pressure, even at low speeds without slowing down. Suitable for fast polishing with our new 1⁄4" shank Tampico and Nylon brushes. 1/4 HP, 3 amp, 115V. Max 14,500rpm (no load), 12,000rpm (full load). Optional Foot Switch available. Accurately control speed while maintaining power. 

System Includes:

  • Low speed motor, swivel base
  • 8' cord
  • Flexible shaft assembly
  • handpiece with 1⁄8" and 1⁄4" collets
  • Wrench
  • Locking pin
  • Flexible shaft lubricant.
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