Replacement Parts and Accessories for AQUAFLAME

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Second User Operator Kit (830-1084)

The second User Operator Kit is provided to turn the Model 800 and Model 1200 into two torch machines for simultaneous use. The kit comes complete with torch, tips, neoprene hoses and “T” piece. The “T” piece is connected to the gas outlet on the gas booster and the two torches are then connected to the “T” piece. It is important to note when running two torches, the maximum tip size for each machine is reduced because the gas output is the same. The maximum tip size for a Model 800 when 2  are using it, is a No. 20 tip. For the Model 1200, when used by two at the same time, the maximum size tip is the #18. Weights 1 lb. Made in the United Kingdom.

Model. Torch Tip Sizes Ref No. No. I/D I/D O/D Flame Length Item X
Model 1200 LM117 No.17 1.09mm 1.50mm 195mm 830-1068
Model 1200 / Model 800 LM118 No.18 0.91mm 1.25mm 180mm 830-1069
Model 1200 / Model 800 LM119 No.19 0.70mm 1.10mm 120mm 830-1070
Model 1200 / Model 800/ Model 500
LM120 No. 20 0.60mm 0.90mm 80mm 830-1071
Model 1200 / Model 800Model 500 LM121 No. 21 0.51mm 0.81mm 60mm 830-1072
Model 1200 / Model 800Model 500 LM122 No. 22 0.40mm 0.71mm 30mm 830-1073
Model 1200 / Model 800Model 500 LM123 No. 23 0.34mm 0.63mm 15mm 830-1074
Model 1200 / Model 800Model 500 LM124 No. 24 0.31mm 0.56mm 10mm 830-1075
Model 1200 / Model 800Model 500 LM125 No. 25 0.26mm 0.51mm 5mm 830-1076