Varibench Metal-Top Table for Sisma Welders

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This is the only table you will ever need for your Sisma Laser welder! The VariBench is a variable height bench that is custom made to fit all tabletop models made by Sisma. Operated by a powered rocker switch, this table can be raised or lowered to your exact height specifications for an ergonomic and comfortable welding height (31" - 51" (78 - 129.5cmm)). The VariBench is set on locking casters with a sturdy aluminum table top and was designed to precisely fit the machine and was manufactured with 90 degree X 10mm cut corners so that the Sisma Laser Welder fits perfectly without sliding during operation. Essential where space is valuable. Measures 20.75"W x 26.25"D x .25"H (527 x  667 x 6mm). Varibench works on 110V and 220V and is single phase. Weighs 63 lbs. (28.6kg) Shipping weight 75 lbs. (34kg).  Made in USA.

Varibench Metal Top Table
Power: 100/240V, 50/60Hz, 8/3.3 amp, 80 watt
Phase: Single (mono-phase)
Operation: Rocker Switch
Load Max: 236 lbs. (120kg)
Table Top Dimensions: 20.75"W x 26.25"H x 1/4"D (528 x 667 x 6mm)
Table Top Thickness: 1/4" (6mm)
Height without Caster: 27" - 47" (68 - 120cm)
Height with Caster: 31" - 51" (78 - 129cm)
Height Speed: 1.125"/per second (28mm)
Weight: 65 lbs (29.4kg) frame + bench top
Shipping Weight: 75 lbs. (34kg)
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