1/4" Film Belts for Sanding Detailer™

  Sold in Packages of 10.
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This Micro-Finishing Film is a fast cutting abrasive for precise, uniform, close tolerance finish.  High strength polyester film backing and micron-graded aluminum oxide mineral resin is bonded for durability.  This material is ideal for mold repair, jewelry making, watch repair, and medical devices. This material works well on both metal and plastic.

Used with the Sanding Detailer Multi-Functional Sanding Tools in the related products below, these belts are easy and economical to use. Simply rotate belt to an unused section and continue to sand without interruption. When completely used, belts are easily replaced.

Micro-Finishing Film belts are sold in packages of 10.

Color Grit Microns
Black 220 60
Gray 270 50
Red 320 40
Green 400 30
Orange 600 15
Yellow 800 14
White 1000 12
Blue 1200 9
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