PUK4c Jewelry Welder

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The PUK4c precision welder is a compact and versatile TIG impulse welder. Fine and minute welds are carried out under a 10x welding microscope (SM03 Microscope). Very close to laser welding, the PUK4c allows the exact positioning of small, stable spot-welds or welds in hard-to-get-to or deep lying positions. In contrast to soldering, the area of the work piece affected by heat is very small. So small in fact, that problem free welds adjacent to precious stones or pearls can be handled with ease.

The PUK4c precision welder puts a whole host of possible jewelry production applications at your fingertips. Structures made from sheet or wire elements can be just as easily done as tack welds and repairs to jewelry parts. Restoring missing parts or filling of pores by applying welding wire are only a few further examples of the PUK4c‘s versatility. All metals or alloys which can be TIG or Laser welded, (many precious metal alloys, many non-ferrous metals such as copper and tin alloys, many steels, titanium and aluminum alloys, etc.) are suitable for use. Using the “tack welding“ function, workpieces made of suitable metals can be temporarily attached to each other. 3 Year Warranty. Made in Germany

PUK4c Comes Supplied With:

  • PUK4c Welding System/Base
  • SM03 Welding Microscope (LED Lighting & Eye Protection Filter)
  • PUK Precision Handpiece
  • PUK Flow Regulator With Hose
  • Set (10) Electrodes With Sharpener
  • Fiberglass Brush
  • Alligator Clip With Wire
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