Metal Finishing Sets

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There isn’t a better or more complete set of everything you need to handle most of your vibratory finishing needs for raw castings and most jewelry parts. Our Metal Finishing Sets include a complete supply of our 3 most popular media - Green and White Plastic Pyramids and Dri-Shine III - plus a supply of Burnishing Soap B.

Use Green Pyramids for first cut, White Pyramids for second cut and Dri-Shine III for a bright, high finish on gold and yellow metals.

A complete tumbling cycle takes an average of 24 hours - 5 hours with Green Pyramids, 3 hours with White Pyramids, and 16 hours with Dri-Shine III.

Packaged with just the right amounts needed for each of our Vibratory Tumblers: #5 and #10.
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