MASTERIX Wax Injector Systems (4.75 Qt)

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Special Order Item
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As technology continues to change the way jewelers work, MASTERIX has created one of, if not the best, Wax Injector Systems in the World! The next generation in wax injecting has truly arrived! MASTERIX is an example of success brought forth by its dedication to reliability, quality and dynamic technology in the global markets they serve.

Reliability —  MASTERIX is always heedful of the latest technology and continues to incorporate it in the models they manufacture. Both large and small companies have come to depend on the reliability of MASTERIX to ensure the best output is being delivered from every mold that is injected.

Quality — Increased international competition, and exponential increases in the cost of raw materials, imposed the need to create rings, bangles and earrings of high quality with very thin thickness (filigree) and MASTERIX was ready for the task! Injected wax is free of bubbles and micro bubbles and thus the models flawlessly and accurately replicate the designed model.

MASTERIX is available as a Standard Model (265-2129) or as the Auto Injection System (265-2130) which utilizes auto start. Autostart, first in the world, allows the user to save on the average 2/3 seconds per injection cycle, thus ensuring a considerable increase in production. The operator’s work becomes so simplified that even the novice operator can use the Wax Injector without any issues! The operator need not press any buttons; fast and easy to use. The molds of different sizes are loaded and size is detected and centered prior to injection. Once the mold is read, it is automatically injected, thus reducing operator errors on choice of programs. Both the Standard and Auto are special order item, please allow extra time for delivery. 

Both versions also utilize RFID (265-2134 100 tags & 265-2133 10 tags) technology allowing the operator to quickly load the parameters by scanning the tag on the rubber mold. Made in Italy.

Call 800-243-4466 and ask for extension 224 for more info.

Dimensions Machine 22" x 12.5" x 17.5"
(55 x 32 x 45cm)
Dimensions (Package) 25.5" x 22" x 25.5"
(65 x 55 x 65cm)
Weight Machine = 62lbs (28k)
Packaging = 92lbs (42k)
Power 110V, 6A, 60Hz
System Pressure 6 Bar
Tank / Capacity Aluminum Tank
10lbs/4.5k (4.75 Qt)
Touch Screen/RFID 4.3" (11cm) Removable (Std), Fixed (Auto)
Clamp (Max Mold Size): 5.1"W x 4.75"D x 1.75/2.55"H
(130mmW X 120mmD X 45/65mmH)

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