Umicore Rhoduna® J1 Replenisher – 5gm

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Umicore J1 Rhodium Replenisher
Restores the rhodium to your Umicore J1 bath as it becomes depleted. Available in a 5 gram concentration. Do not use rhodium solution itself to replenish; doing so will upset the bath’s chemical balance.

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    Operating Conditions
    Temperature: 35 °C (20 -40 °C)
    pH value: < 1
    Current density: 1,0 A/dm² (0.5 –2.0 A/dm²)
    Voltage: 2.0 –4.0 V
    Deposition speed: approx. 0.025 μm/min at 1 A/dm²
    Deposition rate: approx. 3.2 mg/Amin at 1 A/dm²
    Current efficiency: approx. 15 % at 1 A/dm²
    Throwing power: approx. 70 % (Haring-Blum cell)
    Covering speed: slow (approx. 200 s)
    Anodes: platinized titanium or mixed metal oxide (type 177)