MF Touch Mobile Work Station

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Work anywhere in your shop with the new MF Touch Mobile Work Station! The combination of the Foredom® Mobile Work Station and the MF Touch Complete Package 3-n-1 allows you to quickly and effortlessly maintain your molds around your shop. The MF Touch Complete Package 3-in-1 includes a 36 Watt ultrasonic handpiece, a reciprocating profiler of your choice (Z-2X or Z-6X), a 50,000RPM rotary handpiece, and a metal storage cabinet. The 3-in-1 Consumable Set is also included and contains 83 polishing tools and abrasives specifically selected for the MF Touch Complete Package. Pint of Green Stoning Oil included.

The Foredom® Mobile Work Station has a motorized lift that adjusts the top platform up and down (43-1/2" at the highest, 30-1/2" at the lowest) at the touch of a button. Its heavy duty casters provide ease of transport throughout your work environment, and the front pivoting kickstand increases stability for safely managing the Work Station when you need to have it at a standstill. The Work Station provides 3 electrical outlets for powering the MF Touch or other power tools, and includes a 6 foot power cable to power the unit itself.

The top platform is a 14-3/8"  square that features extension trays that swing out to hold workpieces and other objects, each tray is 8" x 4-1/4". These trays are ideal for holding any accessories or other items while operating the Ultramax MF Touch. The middle shelf is 12-1/4" x 12-5/8" and the bottom shelf measures 15-5/8" x 9 -3/4". The Foredom® Mobile Work Station comes assembled, except for the middle shelf.

Ultramax™ MF TOUCH 3-in-1 Kit includes:

  • Power Pack
  • Ultrasonic Handpiece, 36 watts
  • BH-60 Brushless Rotary Handpiece
  • Choice of Reciprocating Profiler Handpieces Z-6X or Z-2X
  • 3-in-1 MF Cabinet
  • Handpiece rest
  • Tool changing wrenches
  • 1mm & 3mm flat clamp tool holders
  • 3mm round tool holder
  • Variable speed foot rheostat

See "Specifications" tab below for more details. 

3-in-1 Consumable Set includes: (500-0234) Click here for more info.

  • Ceramic Stones (11)
  • Mounted Stone Sampler Set
  • New Super Stone All Grit Set (8)
  •  Round Ceramic Stones (3)
  • Stone Holder for Reciprocating Profiler
  • 6 Grades of Diamond Compound, 6 grams each
  • Soft End Brushes (3)
  • Hard End Brushes (3)
  • Soft Cup Brushes (3)
  • Hard Cup Brushes (3)
  • Soft Wheel Brushes (3)
  • Hard Wheel Brushes (3)
  • Soft Felt Bob Set (7)
  • Hard Felt Bob Set (7)
  • GMX Soft Cylinders (3)
  • Diamond Files (6)
  • Rockwood (3) & Soft Sticks (5)
  • Supreme Green Stoning Oil (2 oz)
  • Diemaker & EDM All Grit Sets

Foredom Mobile Work Station

Weight: 44 lbs
Ship Weight: 53 lbs (UPS, FedEx)
Shipping Dimensions (DxLXH) 20 x  22-1/4" x 34 1/2"

Footprint (DxLxH)

16" x 22" x 43-1/2"
Power Cable: 6" Long
Height from floor to top of
work platform:
43-1/2" at highest setting, 30-1/2" (at lowest setting)
Universal Voltage: 110/60Hz, comes with US plug. 220 V plug options available.
Warranty Two years, limited

MF Touch Complete 3-in-1

Operating Frequency: 18-26kHz
Frequency Adjustment: Automatic feedback
Stroke Amplitude: 3-40 microns
Max. Power Consumption: 300 watts
Overload Protection: Yes
Load Indicator: 5 level LED lamps
Max. Output Power: 36W
Output Adjustment: Continuously Variable
Output DC Rotary Tool: 5-32VDC, Max. 180 W
Output DC Brushless Tool: 1,000-50,000 rpm, Max. 250 W
Electrical: 90-240VAC 50/60Hz
Fuse: 3A 20mm time-lag
Dimensions: 6.75"W x 9.5"D x 5.5"H (17.2cm x 24.1cm x 14cm)
Net Weight: 5.5 lbs. (2.5kg)
See more at: MF Touch Complete Package 3-in-1
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