Quatro Multi-Station Power 6 Dust Collector

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The high quality Quatro Multi—Station “Power 6” Dust Collector (6 X 1.5” Inlets) is a must for any facility needing one powerful dust collector for up to 6 work stations.  Its certified HEPA filtration and high airflow brushless motor works efficiently to capture 99.97% of the dust/submicron particulates while offering “clean air” surroundings and quiet operation (59dBA).  The Power 6 is ideal for all grinding and polishing applications at your bench while offering a solution for dust collection and clean air to multiple (up to 6) workstations/benches. Includes a 50 foot 1.5” hose, no clamp. One-year warranty.   Made in Canada.

Benefits of a Proven Design:

  • Easy-Clean, Health-Smart Dust Collector
  • Allergy-Safe, high capacity sealable filters allows you to safely capture and contain large amounts of debris. Can reclaim your dust and particles which you can send to the refiner. 6 bag filters are required (854-2189) and 2 HEPA filters (854-2079).
  • HEPA Filter, 99.97% efficiency on submicron particles
  • Two brushless motors deliver  more airflow and greater suction
  • Intelligent controls provide constant monitoring and maintenance alerts.
  • Quiet operation, 59dBA
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    Power  2 - 1 HP Suction Motors
    Dimensions 39”H X 22”W X 25”L (990mm X 559mm X 635mm)
    Electrical: 230V, 10A 1PH, 50/60Hz, 
    Net/Shipping Weight: 200/230lbs  (231.5/105kg)