Foredom® Model M.LXB-SXR Flex Shaft Bench Motor Kit

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Foredom's High Torque/Low Speed Series LX motor comes mounted in a cast-iron base for easy placement anywhere on the workbench. It is teamed up with the C.SXR-1 foot operated speed control in metal housing. Made in USA.

M.LXB Motor Description:
These permanent magnet motors are specifically designed for high torque/low speed applications, offering more power for jobs like stone setting, wax modeling, and pearl drilling. This is a ball bearing motor that features full power and torque from startup and throughout the entire speed range up to 5,000 rpm. They also are well matched with the H.15 (850-12070) and H.15D (850-1272) Hammer Handpieces. It comes equipped with our standard 39" long key tip shafting for connecting to any of Foredom’s quick disconnect handpieces.

C.SXR-1 Speed Control Description:
This foot operated speed control comes in a metal housing and the extra weight provides added stability and control. It features solid state electronics and is very durable. The ergonomics allow precise and reliable speed control with your foot. This foot speed control has special electronics that converts AC current from an electrical outlet to DC current- the type required by the motor. It also has a special plug that fits the motor's shielded plug. Only use Accessories rated for use at 15,000 RPM or higher. 6-3/4" long, 4" wide, 2-3/8" high, ship wt. 6 lbs./2.7 kg.

Foredom’s permanent magnet motors require the use of a TXR-1 (850-3510), SXR-1(already included), or EMX-1 (8503516) speed control. Damage will result if the motor is connected to any other speed control.

Handpieces are available separately and required to Operate your Flex Shaft Machine. Click on this link to see our extensive line of handpieces. The Foredom flex shaft system is designed to allow interchangeability of most handpieces.

Kit includes:
  • 1/10 H/P M.LXB Motor
  • Solid State C.SXR-1 Foot Rheostat

Two Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty on Motor and Foot Rheostat.

Important Safety Instructions from FOREDOM®

  • Always wear proper eye and face protection—
    Always wear safety glasses and or a face shield when using rotary power tools. Regular eyeglasses do not provide sufficient protection.
  • Never wear loose clothing or jewelry and tie back long hair—
    Ties, scarves, jewelry and long hair pose a hazard when using rotary power tools.
  • Never use accessories at speeds above the maximum RPM—
    Accessories used at faster than the recommended speed can become damaged, and hazardous to you and others in the work area. Always check the speed rating.
  • Never use a damaged accessory—
    If an accessory appears to be bent, loose, vibrating or out of balance do not continue to use it. Use a clean sharp accessory that is recommended for the material you are working on. Let the speed of the tool do the work. Do not force the tool or use excessive side pressure.
  • Always use dust collection, respirator, or face mask to prevent inhalation of dust particles from workpiece or abrasives.
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