Formlabs Form Wash

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Automate Cleaning with Form Wash
Once your parts are created in the Form 2 - Advanced Desktop 3D Printer, they travel straight to the Form Wash.

THOROUGH, AUTOMATED WASHING: Form Wash's impeller agitates isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to flow around every nook and cranny of your part, getting them perfectly clean every time. When washing completes, Form Wash automatically raises parts out of IPA, making sure your designs never warp. Parts air dry and are ready when you are.

BUILT TO FIT THE BUILD PLATFORM: Parts travel straight from the Form 2 to Form Wash; they can stay right on the build platform or be removed and placed in the basket. Keeping delicate jewelry prints on the build platform during washing and drying protects fine details during post-processing.

SIMPLE IPA MONITORING: Form Wash can hold up to 8.6 liters (approx. 9 quarts) of IPA, enough to wash approximately 70 prints. The wash bucket is removable. An included hydrometer lets you know when it's time to change out IPA. A siphon pump makes it easy to transfer IPA into and out of the wash bucket. Approximate wash time when using fresh isopropyl alcohol is 15 minutes.

Electrical: 90-264V 2.0A

Unit Dimensions

10.3" (26.2 cm)
11.5" (29.3 cm)
13.4" (34.0 cm)

Weight: 14.5 lbs. (6.7kg)

Shipping Dimensions

13.9" (35.4 cm)
13.9" (35.4 cm)
18" (45.6 cm)

Shipping Weight: 19.9 lbs. (9.03 kg)
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
Made In: China
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